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The following is a brief summary of highlights from the OMG Systems Engineering Domain Special Interest Group (SE DSIG) meeting as part of the OMG Technical Meeting in Boston the week of June 26. Refer to the detailed minutes from the Joint SE DSIG/MANTIS meeting prepared by Uwe Kaufmann, at . The presentations from the joint meeting are available from the links in the attached spreadsheet.

In addition, the registration information for the upcoming OMG Technical meeting in Anaheim the week of Sept 25-29 is included below. The SE DSIG is planning to meet on Wednesday afternoon, September 27. The agenda is available from the Boston meeting link at  The tentative agenda includes a review of the draft INCOSE Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Vision, and a discussion on how the SE DSIG can support the vision. It will also include an updated briefing on the DOD/NIST sponsored Plugfest that is intended to provide a forum for demonstrating interoperability among Systems Engineering Tools. The cutoff date for early-bird registration for the Anaheim meeting is August 28 and the deadline for hotel reservations is September 11.

During the Boston meeting, the initial submissions for the UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF (UPDM) were presented to the OMG. The goal of UPDM is to provide a standard UML profile for representing DODAF and MODAF artifacts. Three teams presented their initial submission and each showed a good understanding and coverage of the requirements.  Two of the three submitters based their profile solution on SysML and the other submitter based it on a pure UML solution.  The desire is that the best features of each submission will be merged into one unified submission that will be adopted by OMG. The revised submissions are due to be presented at the December OMG meeting.
In addition to the UPDM submissions, Mike Abramson gave a presentation on the role of UPDM in supporting other OMG work such as the Information Exchange Framework (IEF) and Shared Operational Picture Exchange Services (SOPE) Information Exchange Data Model.
More information on the UPDM specification can be found at The initial UPDM submissions are posted at,, Boston presenations are posted at,,,, and

The SE-DSIG also conducted a joint meeting with the Manufacturing task force (MANTIS) to explore synergies between the two groups. The MANTIS effort is the primary task force within the OMG that is working with the STEP community, which is the basis for ISO AP233. In particular, MANTIS has been developing an OMG standard called PLM services that provides a standard set of services to access STEP product life cycle data. David Price presented some of the OMG/STEP harmonization activities that he has been involved with. The SysML/AP233 alignment that is part of the OMG/STEP harmonization effort, will continue to be a focus for future efforts. Peter Denno from NIST, also presented initial plans for an upcoming DOD/NIST sponsored "Plugfest", which is intended to provide a forum for demonstrating integration among systems engineering tools using both AP233 and SysML.

Dwayne Hardy presented an overview of a modeling and simulation project that will use SysML for description of its architecture and interfaces to major simulation components.  SysML will also be used to represent some of the simulation components themselves to evaluate if simulation components modeled in SysML can be used with other live, virtual or constructive components to compose a federated simulation.

Alan Moore, Rick Steiner and Sandy Friedenthal gave a SysML tutorial to the OMG. The tutorial is based on the material that was presented at the INCOSE International Symposium on July 11 in Orlando. The tutorial can be downloaded from the OMG SysML website under the publications link.

The final adoption of the OMG SysML™ was formally announced by the OMG on July 6. The OMG SysML website at contains the announcement and the latest information on OMG SysML along with the new OMG SysML Discussion Group  at


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OMG Technical Meeting  -  Anaheim, CA, USA  -  September 25-29, 2006
Co-sponsored by: Walt Disney Parks & Resorts 

Deadline for 'Early Bird' Discount Registration:  Monday, August 28, 2006

Deadline for Hotel Reservations: Monday, September 4, 2006
         1) We have negotiated a rate of  US$159.00 (+$10.00 Resort Fee* and 15% Tax) at the Disneyland Hotel.
        2) Use of the OMG Room Block provides a $200 discount on your registration fee.
        * Resort fee includes unlimited high speed internet access in guest rooms.

Deadline for Agendas:
Monday, September 11, 2006

Anaheim Technical Meeting Information Page
with all meeting links:

See you in Anaheim!


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