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Subject: SysML Specification V0.8 to the OMG - Montreal Aug 26, 2004





SysML Partners submitted their revised submission of the SysML specification V0.8 to the OMG on August 2. The specification is available on the SysML Partners website at www.sysml.org. This version represents a signficant update from the previous version 0.3 submitted to the OMG in January 2004.  The Requirements Traceability Matrix in Appendix C of the specification shows that most of the requirements in the UML for SE RFP have been addressed. Since the January submission, SysML Partners has held a series of reviews and informational sessions with members of INCOSE, AP-233, and the OMG SE DSIG. The revised submission was presented to the ADTF at the OMG Montreal meeting on August 26. The informal feedback was generally positive, but there are some open issues to be addressed. A request was made by SysML Parnters to submit a second revised submission at the Washington DC meeting in November that will continue to make refinements and address the feedback received. The November OMG meeting will be held in conjuction with the INCOSE Mid Atlantic Regional Conference (MARC 2004).




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