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Subject: SE DSIG Status (Sept 25, 2002) and SE DSIG-U2P Workshop Minutes





The following is a brief update on the SE DSIG activities for September, and the minutes from the SE DSIG-U2P meeting in Chicago. This status along with previous status is available on the SE DSIG site at, along with the results of the SE DSIG work.


1) The OMG SE DSIG - U2P Workshop, was hosted by Motorola in Schaumburg, Illinois, on September 12-13, 2002.  This meeting was co-chaired by Cris Kobryn from U2P and myself. The primary purpose for this meeting was to assess the extent to which the U2P proposal for UML V2.0 addresses the needs of systems engineering, and to provide feedback for updating the proposal. The meeting was quite productive, and resulted in some excellent dialogue and concrete actions. The minutes are included below, and are available with the reference attachments at . Of particular interest are some of the SE inputs to the U2P Proposal, which are included under the list of artifacts at the referenced URL. Details on subscribing to the newly formed U2P Systems Engineering Workgroup are included in the email below.


2) The SE Concept Model team, headed by Dave Oliver, has updated the Systems Engineering Conceptual Model and the corresponding Semantic Dictionary to Draft 7. This version incorporates many of the comments provided at the INCOSE review and follow-up comments, including substantial inputs from SE DSIG members. We will continue to review and provide inputs to the SE Conceptual Model, and utilize it as a key source of requirements for SE UML. In addition, we will need to derive more detailed requirements to support the integration of systems and software engineering, and address other more detailed semantic issues, which may not be addressed in the higher level model. The Draft 7 baseline is available off the SE DSIG site, from the SE Conceptual Model link.


3) The next OMG Technical Meeting is in Helsinki on Sept 30 - Oct 4. The SE DSIG will participate in a joint ADTF meeting on Monday, Sept 30, to review the superstructure proposal submittals, which provide the basis for most of the UML diagrams. The SE DSIG will hold an all day meeting on Tuesday, which will include review of EDCO, and also 4 additional RFI responses from Volvo, TOFS AB, Project Technology, and Holistic Systems Engineering.


4) The meeting following the Helsinki meeting is in Washington DC the week of Nobember 18. We will be holding an SE Information Day on Tuesday, Nov 19, which will include a series presentations and a panel regarding UML for systems engineering and the SE DSIG activities. In addition, there will be a general UML tutorial om Monday, Nov 18. A flyer for this event and registration information is now available from the link called "OMG SE Information Day" on the SE DSIG site.




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Subject: U2P SysEng Workgroup page available - includes Chicago workshop minutes, presentations & artifacts



The U2 Partners' Systems Engineering Workgroup now has its own home page, which includes a link to join the mailing





If you want to join the mailing list for future news and discussions re UML2 for SE, please do so asap. Future mailings will go directly to that mailing list, and I will no longer use the individual addresses used for this message.


The SE Workgroup page links to the Chicago Workshop page, which includes minutes, detailed notes, and artifacts:




Of special interest are the SE Inputs to U2P Proposals, which contain concrete recommendations to improve UML2 support for Systems Engineering:




We look forward to your contributions and feedback.


Thanks to all who contributed to the workshop and the related artifacts!


Cris & Sandy