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Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 7:46 PM

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Subject: SE DSIG Update (April 5, 2002)



SE DSIG participants,


The following is a brief update since last month relative to the SE DSIG activities.


*     The SE Conceptual Model Team, led by Dave Oliver, is continuing to evolve the conceptual model. This work is being done in conjunction with the ISO AP-233 effort.


*     The SE UML Prototyping Team, led by Rick Steiner, has selected an

elevator sample problem to evaluate how UML addresses key systems engineering concerns.


*     The UML 2.0 SE Review Team, led by Roger Burkhart, has begun to

coordinate with the UML 2.0 submitters. The current approach is to establish a preliminary set of systems engineering usage/test cases to make available to the UML 2.0 submitters, to assist in evaluating the extent that their submission addesses systems engineering concerns. The usage/test cases will be based on available information, including the preliminary SE conceptual model baseline, inputs from the UML prototyping team and the RFI's as they become available, as well as other inputs that are available, including previous SE RFI inputs, and papers on the topic. The usage/test cases will evolve into the requirements for UML for systems engineering, which is targeted for November of this year.


*     Roger and I are meeting April 25 in Chicago, with Cris Kobryn, to

review the usage/test cases. Any one interested in supporting the near term effort to formulate the usage/test cases, and participate in this review should contact me ASAP.


*     I had the opportunity to present at the UML Forum in Japan on March 26, 2002. The presentation is titled "Extending UML From Software to Systems" and is available off the SE DSIG website at ( The forum was quite interesting, and it is clear that their is significant interest in the application of UML and the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach around the world.


*     Responses to the UML for SE RFI are due May 31, 2002 to be

considered for the June meeting in Orlando, and August 16,2002 to be considered for the September meeting. Please help to encourage responses to this RFI and/or provide inputs directly. The RFI is available from the SE DSIG website or at





Sanford Friedenthal


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