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  Subject:          SE DSIG Status -  UML for SE RFP




  The following is a status update of the SE DSIG as of the end of

  February, 2003.


  We have completed the reviews and updates of the UML for Systems

  Engineering Draft RFP dated March 1, 2003, and it is posted at This can also be

  accessed from the RFP page off the SE DSIG site at This draft will be presented to the OMG ADTF

  and the Architecture Board at the OMG meeting the week of March 24,

  2003, for their approval to issue on March 28. The proposed roadmap

  for responding to the RFP is intended to result in final submissions

  by March 2004, resulting in adoption of the UML for SE in the second

  half of 2004.


  This draft represents the culmination of the requirements analysis

  effort for UML for SE, which has been ongoing since the kickoff

  meeting of the SE DSIG in September, 2001. This effort also included

  extensive requirements reviews from OMG, INCOSE, and AP-233, which

  began at the Washington OMG meeting in November 2002, and continued

  through the OMG and INCOSE reviews in late January and early February

  2003.  The requirements in the RFP are intended to result in a

  customization of UML for systems engineering, called a UML Profile.

  The solution should provide a standard systems modeling language to

  analyze, specify, design, and verify complex systems, while at the

  same time, facilitate the integration and communications with the SW

  community and other engineering disciplines.


  This effort was initiated as a joint effort between INCOSE and the

  OMG. I believe it has truly leveraged the talents of both groups. At

  the same time, we have worked  closely with the ISO AP-233 Working

  Group. Jim U'Ren, who chairs this Group, has been making excellent

  progress in moving the AP-233 data interchange standard forward, and

  helping to syncronize our efforts. I believe the results of these two

  complementary efforts will significantly enhance the practice of SE.


  The OMG Technical meeting is in Orlando, the week of March 24, The SE

  DSIG is planning to meet on Wednesday, March 26 only. Our agenda is

  posted on the SE DSIG site along with a link for registration. The

  agenda includes the following:

   - Incorporate comments resulting from the ADTF and/or AB into final RFP

   - Review and prepare follow-on SE DSIG roadmap


  The rest of the week will include presentations of the RFP to the ADTF

  and AB, and coordination with other working groups to support future

  planning. In addition, the Orlando meeting includes the UML 2.0 vote,

  where the Analysis and Design (AD) Platform Task Force (PTF) will vote

  to recommend adoption of all four parts of the new standard: language

  infrastructure and superstructure, Object Constraint Language, and

  diagram interchange specification.


  The other SE DSIG updates include:

  a) Dave Oliver continues to lead the joint INCOSE/SE DSIG/AP-233

  effort to evolve the SE Conceptual Model (currently working on Draft


  b) Dwayne Hardy and I completed independent assessments of the U2P  proposal.

   Refer to SE Input page to U2P for specifics.

  c) Conrad Bock, the lead for activity diagrams on the U2P team, has

  prepared a draft assessment, comparing U2P activity diagrams and Extended

  Functional Flow Block Diagrams (EFFBD). Conrad used  Jim Long's paper

  "Relationships Between Common Graphical Represenations in Systems

  Engineering", as a basis for comparison, along with signficiant

  discussions with Joseph Skipper from Vitech, and other members of the SE

  DSIG/U2P Collaboration effort.


  Hope to see you in Orlando.




  Sanford Friedenthal


  Lockheed Martin Corporation

  (703) 293-5557