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Subject: SE DSIG STATUS (Jan 21, 2003)





The following is a brief update of the SE DSIG activities as of January 21, 2002.


The draft RFP for a UML Profile for Systems Engineering has been posted, and is available from the SE DSIG site at http://syseng.omg.org, or you can access the draft RFP at http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?syseng/2003-01-02 . Thanks to Roger Burkhart for helping to meet this deadline. The draft RFP will be reviewed at the OMG meeting in Burlingame beginning Tuesday, January 28 from 2 - 5 PM and all day Thursday, January 30. A follow-up review will be held at the INCOSE International Workshop in Tampa on Tuesday, February 4, from 9 - 12, and all day Wednesday, February 5. Section 6 of the RFP includes the requirements, as well as background, scope, and related documents and activities. Please review the document in advance, so we are prepared for the review.


Following the review in Tampa, we will update the draft based on the review comments. In additition, we will be incorporating a sample problem description into the RFP, which will be used to evaluate how well proposed solutions address the requirements in the RFP. JD Baker has identified a candidate problem that he will discuss at the OMG meeting on Tuesday PM.


We completed the preliminary review of the SE UML definitions and an assessment of how well they compare with the semantic dictionary terms and definitions on January 10 and January 17. Thanks to Jim U'Ren, AP-233 chair, for hosting this review. In the RFP, we have tried to use a self consistent set of SE UML definitions, which are generally compatible with the semantic dictionary terms, as well as UML terms and other industry standard terms. The review was very helpful, and yielded some refinements of several of the definitions, as well as a comparison of the SE UML definitions and semantic dictionary terms and definitions. The results of the review are included on the SE Concept Model page, available from the SE DSIG site. In addition, the full list of SE UML terms and definitions is included on the RFP papge of the site, along with other industry standard definitions that Julian Johnson has compiled. It is expected that the harmonization of many of these terms and definitions will continue over time.


The following is ths status against our planned schedule for the first quarter of 2003 to reach the RFP issue milestone.


- Review SE UML definitions with AP-233 team - Jan 10, 17 - COMPLETE

- Update SE UML requirements and include in draft RFP - Jan 20 - COMPLETE

- Review draft RFP V0.5 with SE DSIG - Jan 27-28 (at OMG mtg in Burlingame)

- Review updated draft RFP V0.7 with INCOSE - Feb 4-5 (at INCOSE IW mtg in


- Prepare sample problem description for RFP - February 24

- Submit RFP V0.9 to OMG - Mar 3 (3 weeks prior to Orlando mtg)

- Review and finalize RFP V1.0 - Mar 24 (at OMG mtg in Orlando)

- OMG vote to issue RFP - Mar 28 (at OMG mtg in Orlando) Initial responses with proposed solutions to the RFP will be expected by January 2004.


We need your full participation as we proceed to the issuance of the RFP. Please plan to participate in the upcoming meetings. Look forward to seeing you at the OMG Burlingame meeting or INCOSE IW meeting.




Sanford Friedenthal


Lockheed Martin Corporation


(703) 293-5557


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