From: Friedenthal, Sanford

Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 2:29 PM

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Subject: SE DSIG Status March 05, 2002)


SE DSIG participants,


The following is a brief update since the Anaheim meeting. The minutes and related information from our last meeting are available on the SE DSIG website at As of this time, I am not planning on having an SE DSIG meeting in Tokyo. Our next meeting will be in Orlando the week of June 24- 28, 2002, so please mark your calendars accordingly. Our near term goal is to establish preliminary requirements for UML for Systems Engineering by the November 2002 meeting in Washington DC. The following teams have been established to support this goal:


1) SE Conceptual Model Team, led by Dave Oliver. The objective is to evolve the Systems Engineering Conceptual Model, which was presented by Julian Johnson at the SE DSIG meeting in Anaheim. This model was refined the following week at INCOSE, and is posted under the meeting minutes on the SE DSIG website. A further update is currently being developed and reviewed by the team.


2) SE UML Prototyping Team led by Rick Steiner. The objective is to evaluate how UML supports the SE Needs, including the SE concepts in the SE Conceptual Model. Sample problems will be formulated to assist in the evaluation. The prototyping team has held a couple of telecons to scope the effort, and identify criteria for sample problem selection.


3) UML 2.0 Review Team led by Roger Burkhart. The objective is to understand UML 2.0 submissions, communicate the results to the other teams, and coordinate SE inputs and/or assessments relative to UML 2.0.


4) RFI Evaluation Team led by (TBD). The objective is to evaluate the responses to the UML for Systems Engineering RFI issued at the Anaheim meeting.  Responses are due May 31, 2002 to be considered for the June meeting in Orlando, and August 16,2002 to be considered for the September meeting. Please help to encourage responses to this RFI available, which is available on the SE DSIG website.


If you wish to participate in any of these efforts, please let me know.




Sanford Friedenthal

Lockheed Martin Corporation


(703) 293-5557