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Subject:OMG SE DSIG Status Update and Orlando SE DSIG Meeting

Information (June 24-28)

SE DSIG participants,

The next SE DSIG meeting will be held in Orlando the week of June 24 - 28. You should finalize your plans NLT June 4 to get the benefit of

early registration. General OMG Meeting information is included below.

The SE DSIG meeting information, including the SE DSIG agenda, and

links to work products, which will be reviewed and discussed at the

meeting, are available on the SE DSIG website at http://syseng.omg.org (refer to SE DSIG meeting info for Orlando under "Meetings", and be

sure to refresh your webpage or you will not get the updated info).

Please let me know by June 4 at the latest, whether you plan to

attend. I am also considering providing telecon dial-in information

for selected participants, but only as the exception. Let me know if

you desire this option.

The following is a brief update as of 5/31/02 relative to the SE DSIG

activities. Status updates are included on the SE DSIG website at

http://syseng.omg.org under "work in progress".


         The SE Conceptual Model Team, led by Dave Oliver, has prepared a

draft update of the SE conceptual model. The initial baseline SE

Conceptual model was presented by Julian Johnson at the Anaheim OMG SE

DSIG meeting in January, and is available under the Anaheim meeting

minutes. This high level view is intended to reflect some of the core

SE concepts from the previous SEDRES information model (predecessor to

AP-233 ISO effort). Dave presented his proposed updates to this model

at the AP-233 review last week (May 24). The proposed update is

available for review on the SE DSIG site under the Orlando meeting

information (thanks to JD Baker for capturing this in a UML modeling

tool). Please bring your comments to the meeting to support the

walkthrough of this model.

         The SE UML Prototyping Team, led by Rick Steiner, has taken some of

the key concepts from the SE Conceptual model, and developed a matrix which reflects different approaches for representing the concepts in UML. Rick plans to walk through the different approaches reflected in the matrix at the SE DSIG meeting. The preliminary matrix will be posted to the SE DSIG website under the Orlando meeting information.

         We expect to receive at least 7 responses to the UML for SE RFI by

tomorrow May 31. Responses include inputs from TOFS AB, BAE, Rational,

Volvo, Mitre, INCOSE OOSEM WG, and Lockheed Martin as a miniumum.

Responders are encouraged to present a summary of their response at

the Orlando SE DSIG meeting (Please contact me if you wish to

present). Responses to be discussed at the September meeting, are due

by August 16,2002. The RFI and the responses are available from the SE

DSIG website or direclty at:

http://www.omg.org/techprocess/meetings/schedule/UML_for_Systems_Engineering_RFI.html .

         Sandy and Roger drafted the preliminary UML for SE requirements

analysis based on the available inputs, including the initial baseline

SE conceptual model, previous UML V2.0 RFI inputs for SE, and other

reference papers. The requirements analysis draft will be reviewed at

the June meeting in Orlando. This document will continue to evolve as

additional inputs are made available, including updates to the

conceptual model, RFI inputs, and results from the UML prototyping

team. The evolving document is being made available to the V2.0

Submission teams, to begin to evaluate the extent to which the

submissions address SE concerns, and to initiate a dialogue with the

teams. The UML for SE requirements analysis is available off the SE

DSIG website, or directly at:




Sanford Friedenthal


Lockheed Martin Corporation


(703) 293-5557

OMG Technical Meeting Information (June 24-28), in Orlando Florida

(included in original)