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Subject:        SE DSIG Meeting - Boston - June 21-23, 2005

An SE DSIG meeting will be held on Tuesday Thursday, June 21-23 in conjunction with the OMG Technical meeting in Boston the week of June 20-24, 2005. The registration information can be found at http://www.omg.org/registration/registration-info-boston.htm and the deadlines for the hotel and meeting registration. are included at the end of this email. The primary SE DSIG topics include an update on SysML, a review of the Draft RFP for a UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF, and some additional discussion topics. The most current SE DSIG agenda can be found at http://syseng.omg.org/SE_DSIG_Meetings/SE_DSIG_Agenda_June%2005-Boston.htm . The preliminary agenda is included below along with the current status of both SysML and the UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF RFP Draft.

SE DSIG Preliminary Agenda
Tuesday, June 21: 13:00 16:30
Presentations on the directions of DODAF and MODAF by Representatives from DOD and UKs Ministry of Defence
Wednesday, June 22
Joint Meeting with C4I TF to present Draft UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF RFP
Joint Meeting with ADTF to review SysML update
14:00 17:00
Review of Draft UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF RFP
Thursday, June 23: 08:30 12:00
SysML Overview and Status Update
Open Discussion Topics and Future Planning

SysML Status Update:
SysML V0.9 was submitted to the OMG on January 10, 2005 and was presented to the ADTF at the Burlingame meeting on February 2. As stated at the meeting, the goal for SysML was to begin a new phase and encourage the vendor partners to prototype the V0.9 specification and provide feedback on the implementation and usability of the spec. Since that time, four of the SysML vendor partners including Artisan, EmbeddedPlus, I-Logix, and Telelogic have been actively prototyping the specification and providing feedback. The current SysML project plans are to incorporate the feedback from this effort into a V0.95 specification update to present at the INCOSE Symposium in Rochester New York the week of July 10. The tool vendors have also stated they plan to demonstrate their prototype solutions at the symposium. The plan is to update the Specification to V1.0 and present the final submission at the OMG meeting in September in Atlanta and vote to initiate the adoption process at the December 5, 2005 meeting.

Status of UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF RFP:
At the SE DSIG meeting in February in Burlingame, it was decided to proceed with development of an RFP for a UML Profile for DODAF. Fatma Dandashi is the lead on this initiative. She and Dwayne Hardy have coordinated with Truman Parmele from OSD and representatives from the UK Ministry of Defence to get their initial inputs and support for this effort. Based on that coordination, it was agreed to include requirements for MODAF in this RFP as well. The initial draft RFP for the UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF has been posted to the SE DSIG site for your review at http://syseng.omg.org/UPDM.htm . Please provide comments to Fatma (dandashi@mitre.org) and copy me (sanford.friedenthal@lmco.com) by COB ET on May 23. Fatma will incorporate your comments in an updated Draft RFP which will be posted to the OMG site by May 30, 2005 for review in Boston. In Boston, we are expecting representatives from OSD and the UK Ministry of Defence to present their plans for further evolution of DODAF and MODAF. The plan is to issue the RFP through the C4I TF at the September 2005 OMG meeting pending the review in Boston. The RFP problem statement and scope is provided below.

Based on feedback and strong interest received from OMG members, this RFP solicits proposals for a UML Profile for the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DODAF) views, supplemented by the additional Acquisition and Strategic views as defined by the UKs Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF).

Problem Statement:
The current DODAF v1.0 Volume II includes guidance for representing DODAF architecture products using UML. However, this guidance is not sufficiently precise or complete. The current guidance has been interpreted many different ways by architects and users of this framework and by vendors who are implementing DODAF in their UML tools. As a result, the DODAF UML representations do not fully serve their intended use to support communications among stakeholders and re-use of the architecture products and data. The different vendor implementations also result in interoperability issues between tools, and additional training requirements for the users. In addition, UML v1.x has been superseded by UML v2.0 that is currently being augmented with a Systems Modeling Language (SysML) profile for Systems Engineering. The latter provides a much more robust system of systems modeling capability.

Scope of the RFP:
The scope of this RFP is for a UML Profile for DODAF and MODAF (UPDM) that satisfies the requirements outlined below. This includes representations for DODAF/MODAF views and products for modeling of the systems architecture (Systems View) along with their associated standards (Technical View) within the context of the business or enterprise architecture (Operational View). In addition it should be able to represent the UK modeling of the capability and strategic intent of the Enterprise (Strategic View) and the programmatics associated with the procurement of defence systems (Acquisition View). It should also provide a sufficiently robust capability and enhancements needed to support newly defined requirements for DODAF v2.0.

The RFP includes the following categories of requirements for the UPDM:
Standard Notation (concrete syntax)
Meta-model (abstract syntax and constraints)
Views and Viewpoints
Architecture Products
Extensible library of reusable architecture elements and patterns
Standard data interchange mechanism (e.g., XMI)


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