From:             Friedenthal, Sanford 

  Sent:   Tuesday, September 03, 2002 11:00 AM

  To:     ''

  Subject:          SE DSIG Status - September 3, 2002




  The following is a summary update for the SE DSIG Status as of

  September 3, 2002. This status will be posted to the SE DSIG site at, along with previous status information under

  work in process.



  *        2 new responses to the UML for SE RFI's have been received by Trevor

  Moore from Hollstic Systems Engineering and Stephen Mellor from

  Project Technology. We plan to review both responses at the Helsinki

  meeting along with the responses from Jakob Axelsson from Volvo and

  Ingmar Ogren from TOFS AB. This makes a total of 13 responses to date.

  The responses provide a wealth of information regarding how UML for SE

  is being applied, along with some of the benefits and issues. Access

  to the RFI page is available off the SE DSIG site, but now requires

  OMG member login information.


  *        The SE Conceptual Model is undergoing significant revision based on

  the review from the INCOSE meeting in Las Vegas. The update is

  intended to resolve issues raised during the OMG SE DSIG meeting in

  Orlando and other issues.


  *        The SE DSIG U2P workshop is scheduled for Sept 12-13 in Chicago to

  assess the extent to which the U2P approach addresses the SE UML



  *        The SE DSIG meeting in Helsinki is scheduled for October 1. Refer to

  the meeting agenda and registration information, which can be found

  from the SE DSIG site.






  Sanford Friedenthal


  Lockheed Martin Corporation

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