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Sent: Friday, July 11, 2003 3:37 PM

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Subject: UML for SE Update - SysML Partners Formed



INCOSE Tech Board,


The following is a brief update on the joint OMG/INCOSE UML for SE initiative. As you will recall, the UML for SE RFP was issued on March 28, 2003 and contains the requirements for the extension to UML to provide a general purpose systems modeling language. Information on the RFP can be found from a link on the SE DSIG site at


A new team has been established called SysML to respond to the RFP and customize UML for SE. Cris Kobryn, who led the UML V2.0 effort, and myself are co-chairs of the SysML Partners. This team includes participants from across industry and several tool vendors. Cris provided an overview of SysML to the INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board on June 28. In addition, Cris and I presented an overview to the Model Driven System Design Working Group (MDSD) at the INCOSE 2003 Symposium on July 2. You can download a scaled down version of the presentation from the SysML website at ( The SysML site will be updated over the next several months to provide information on the progress of this effort. Our goal is to present the initial submission  at the OMG meeting in November and to the INCOSE IW in February, 2004.


There is growing interest in this effort and AP-233 as we march down the path of providing the capability to enhance our support for model based systems engineering, as evidenced by the excellent attendance at the UML for SE Panel at INCOSE and other related presentations.


Please feel free to contact Cris or myself regarding this effort. Thanks.




Sanford Friedenthal

INCOSE Liaison to OMG and OMG SE DSIG Chair

Lockheed Martin Corporation

(703) 293-5557