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Subject: SysML and OMG Status



INCOSE Tech Board,


A SysML working session was held on January 29, 2005 at the INCOSE IW in Tampa as part of the MDSD meetings, and included approximately 20 participants (refer to MDSD minutes for list of attendees). The working session focused on review of core portions of the SysML V0.9 submission. Overall, the feedback was quite positive. There were some areas identified that require additional work as indicated in the attached summary slides(SysML-MDSD-Recommendations-050129-ck). The SysML Specification can be found on the artifacts link on the sysml public site at www.sysml.org.


SysML is now transitioning to a new phase where we are requesting tool vendors to initiate prototypes of the V0.9 specification and provide detailed feedback to ensure the specification is implementable in systems modeling tools. Our plan is to incorporate the feedback from the vendor prototypes and address the remaining areas identified from the INCOSE review. The current SysML plans call for a final submission to the OMG in June of this year (pending results of the vendor feedback).


The minutes from the OMG Systems Engineering Domain Special Interest Group (SE DSIG) meetings held in Burlingame, California on Feb 2-3, 2005 are attached. This includes the status of the SysML revised submission v0.9 and the preliminary scoping for a new Architecture Frameworks initiative.




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