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OMG Systems Engineering (SE) Information Days


OMG SE Information Days were held on November 18 - 19, 2002 at the OMG technical meeting in Washington DC/ The purpose of the meeting was to present an overview to the systems engineering and OMG community on how UML is being applied to Systems Engineering, and the progress and plans for extending UML to systems engineering. The two-day event was well attended by 40 50 participants from a cross section of industry. The format for the event included tutorials, presentations, and a panel discussion. The tutorials were held on Monday, and included an overview of basic UML, along with an overview of how UML has been extended to address real-time modeling concerns using the real time profile. In addition, a summary of one of the proposals for UML 2.0 was presented, to highlight some of the major changes that are being proposed. On Tuesday, a series of presentations describing experiences on how UML is being applied to systems engineering, and an overview of the SE DSIG, including a summary of the roadmap and requirements for SE UML. The panel discussion concluded the event with a series of questions and answers from the audience. The agenda is included below, along with  the presentation material. OMG SE Information Days Flyer.  

OMG SE Information Days Agenda

Monday, November 18, 2002

          UML 1.x Basic Tutorial  - JD Baker (BAE Systems)

        The Real-Time UML Standard- B.Selic (Rational)

          UML 2.0 Superstructure Proposal / U2P submission - C. Kobryn (Telelogic), C. Bock (NIST)

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

          Welcome  - Andrew Watson (OMG)

          SE DSIG Overview  - S. Friedenthal (Lockheed Martin Corporation)

          A Concept Model for SE  - D. Oliver (Model Based Systems)

          SE and the OMG  - R. Soley (OMG)

          UML for SE Strengths & Weaknesses  - B. Douglass (Ilogix)

          Application of UML in Aegis OA  - A. Winkler (Lockheed Martin Corporation)

          Applying UML to SE - M. Cantor (Rational)

          Elaboration ? The Malnourished Modeling Relationship  - M. Ackroyd (Raytheon)

          ARTiSAN's Vision for SE and UML - A. Moore (ARTiSAN)

          DoD Perspectives on Modeling SE Activities - D. Hardy (for Defense Systems OSD)

          Req'ts for a SE Modeling Language  - R. Schmidt (Sr Consultant for Navy Collaborative Engr Environment)

          SE UML Roadmap & Req'ts Summary - R. Burkhart (JohnDeere)

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